Housing Support Centre

Established in 1996, the Housing Support Centre (HSC) provides a safe place to many homeless or at-risk individuals needing a place to call home.

Many HSC participants live in local substandard housing, in shelters or on the street. Through HSC, we advocate for our members and help them understand the alternatives to their current housing conditions. We offer supportive services including a sense of community and peer-support, referrals to appropriate agencies, short-term counseling and a point of entry to medical and psychiatric services.

I may not have a place to live, but I have a place to call home.
— HCS Visitor

Everyone is welcomed into the Housing Support Centre. Our only rule? Be nice or leave. The “Wall of Fame” holds over five hundred pictures of the centre's visitors. For many of the participants, HSC is a home away from home. Over time, a strong, supportive community has developed, allowing for self-help and peer support groups to begin. Many of Welcome Housing's projects have developed out of HSC, most notably, the Shining Lights Choir.