Our Buildings

Stewart Place

Stewart Place, in Dartmouth, opened its doors in 1990 with 6 one-bedroom apartments and 5 two-bedroom apartments. The building also houses Welcome Housing & Support Services' head office. The men of Stewart Place take a very active role in the running of the building. Individual tenants have assumed responsibility for the upkeep of the grounds. Tenants have also undertaken the setting up and maintaining of a food bank for the men of Stewart Place and the women of Amethyst Apartments. Tenants provide painting, repairs, and general maintenance, making the building a welcoming place.

Amethyst Apartments

Amethyst Apartments opened its doors in 1992. It provides twelve women with a safe place to call their own. Each woman maintains her own one-bedroom apartment. The beautiful art work displayed throughout this building (and other Welcome Housing & Support Services' buildings) was created by a tenant of Stewart Place. Amethyst Apartments also has a large Common Room which is available as a gathering place for the women while providing the Welcome Housing & Support Services' tenants with a place to meet, gather as a community and share meals together.


Cunard Street Apartments

The Cunard Street Apartments was the first of two projects in 1996. Housing eight individuals, it was the first non gender-restricted Welcome Housing & Support Services building. As in all the buildings, tenants contribute to their home environment. They garden, maintain the common areas, enhance security and have set up areas to barbecue — influencing the way they feel not only about their home but also about themselves.

Belle Aire Terrace

Belle Aire Terrace, another 1996 project, was Welcome Housing & Support Services' second property in Halifax. Consisting of four two bedroom flats, Belle Aire is located in an area which at the time it opened its doors had some of the worst rooming houses in Halifax. Welcome Housing & Support Services was part of a movement to change this neighbourhood. With this project people were able to see alternatives to their living conditions in the area. People who previously lived in substandard housing now have homes.

Buddy Daye St. Apartments • Housing Support Centre

In 2001, with the help of federal and provincial funding, a community development group, the Rotary Club Halifax Northwest and the Dalhousie University Department of Psychiatry, Welcome Housing & Support Services was able to bring a dream to life by constructing the building at 5510 Buddy Daye Street, with 19 bachelor units housing both men and women from the area. The tenants once lived in shelters or substandard housing in the Halifax area. This building also became the new location for the Housing Support Centre, where those who are in need can drop in for fellowship, advocacy and referral, and access to health professionals.

This building won the Lieutenant Governor’s Prize for architecture in 2001. Its beautiful landscaped backyard welcomes tenants and participants year-round.

This project created nineteen units of supported housing. Tenants are served by a live-in superintendent, and by the staff at our nearby Housing Support Centre.

Maynard Street Apartments

Maynard Street tenants have become involved in well-attended tenant meetings, a Tenant Selection Committee, and with representation on our Board. The project has been funded by the federal Homelessness Partnering Strategy, the HRM Special Grants program and the Rotary Club Halifax Northwest.

There is a part-time tenant support worker to offer advocacy, support, and referrals to tenants living in this building.

The Morris House

The Morris House Project is a collaboration among four not-for-profit organizations: the Heritage Trust of Nova Scotia, the Ecology Action Centre, Welcome Housing & Support Services and the ARK. Collectively, the partner organizations bring to the project 125 years of experience in the fields of social service, the environment, and heritage preservation. 

The Morris House Project recognizes that there is a great need for affordable housing for young people in Halifax, especially on the Peninsula where they can be close to jobs and schools. When completed, the house will provide a home for five young adults who are having difficulty finding reasonably priced housing in Metro. At that point, Welcome Housing & Support Services will work with ARK Services for Youth to assist young people 19-25 to establish their homes. The two groups share a philosophy that offers a unique approach, proven by many years of working with a commitment to ongoing, supportive relationships with our community members/clients. Both organizations are trusted and respected by the homeless and street-involved community.